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Michael Dixon student work
Creative Process 2D (2D Design), Project 4, Pattern and Texture
Gouache on Paper

1. Use your Bristol paper. In the center of the page, create (2) 10”x10” squares. Each square will be gridded out with 2” squares.
2. In each 2” square, create a pattern with a minimum of 4 shapes and a maximum of 4 colors. All colors must be mixed.
3. Pick a color scheme to work with like complementary, analogous, cool, or warm.
4. Plan the first 10”x10” piece with 4 colors.
5. In the second piece, use 3 of the 4 colors (occupying the same position it had in the first piece) and completely change the nature of the image by replacing the 4th color with a new color. You can emphasize diagonal, vertical, horizontal, or secondary shape.
6. Work on both simultaneaously.
7. Suggestions for variations: